GUARDpage.NET community is a secure Network for honest, trustworthy, ethical Security Guard Professionals looking to promote themselves and their families for better opportunities.  GUARDpage.NET is here to create value and make a difference for our members’ success.  Membership consists of: Registered Security Personnel, Military, retired or current law enforcement, Guard Companies and companies providing products and services to the industry.


The benefits to having a membership is to becomes a part of powerful Network of ‘Frontline Defenders’ to share availability, talents, extra jobs, experiences, stories, referrals, job openings, temp jobs, special projects, training programs, self help programs, firing ranges, bartering goods or services as well as a classified to sell unwanted items, to post announcements, or use your GUARDpage to make business contacts for future opportunities.


Membership qualifier is having a current clearance with a Government agency, whether it is City, County, State, or Federal. If you have worked for a Government Agency or are invited by a member then you qualify to be part of the GUARDpage.NET community.  If you meet these qualifications, Please contact us with your info at Invite@Guardpage.net for an access code.




GUARDpage.NET is a great tool for professional development, encouragement, commerce, networking and the ability to advertise or donate to a project of interest. Our Network is here to create a useful social tool for Security Guard Professionals, ‘Frontline Defenders’, to help make connections to better their lives with people who have common interest and experiences.



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