Classifieds » Arts & Culture » Here's ways to get a mount in Albion Online

Classifieds » Arts & Culture » Here's ways to get a mount in Albion Online

Here's ways to get a mount in Albion Online


Mounts are the faithful companions that transport us through the world of Albion Online. Each player starts with a mule but at some point that mount will no longer be useful. For your next mount, you'll probably want to invest in a Horse or Ox. When you're ready for an upgrade, you can buy a new mount from the market, craft one from a saddler, or craft one yourself.

Crafting Mounts
To craft mounts, visit the saddler in town. They are represented on the local map with the icon of a horse, and their shop front has a horseshoe on it. When you speak with the saddler, you will see a list of craftable mounts and the requirements, which always include a tamed version of the animal you want to mount. Taming is a bit of an involved process for intermediate crafters but can be a fun challenge as you seek out and acquire all different mounts from all corners of the world. That said, for all players, we recommend buying most or all of your mounts. Even if you wish to tame and craft your own mounts, you will still need access to good mounts to get to and from your targets.

Buying mounts
Buying mounts from the marketplace is the easiest way to get mounts in Albion Online. Players need 7000 silver to buy Journeyman’s Transport OX. To do that – simply open the marketplace menu and select the mounts tab and then make the purchase.

Make your own mount
To create your own mount, you need to have a level 3 island, which grants you two farming plots, and a baby mount. These offspring mounts are the cheapest when purchased from the market. You will need an agricultural plot to grow food for your baby mount. The second farm patch is where you will place your baby mount, nurture it, and nurture it.

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